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Congratulations!  You are visiting the oldest and largest apartment-locating service in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1986, Apartment Search has helped 100,000+ renters find their perfect St. Louis rental home.  Our computerized database of 50,000 townhomes, condos, houses and apartments in St Louis, MO makes your apartment search fast and convenient... and it’s FREE

Are you new to this city?  Learn about the St. Louis neighborhoods to help you decide the best area to live in, and find out about the cool things to do in St. Louis. Start with our Renter's Corner (top bar)

Let’s face it, there are a million apartments advertised on the Internet.  But can you objectively find the one rental that fits your unique requirements?  Does it have good natural light?  Is it near a bus stop?  Grocery shopping?  Elementary school?  Those are the questions we can answer, because we are natives -- St. Louis is our home, and we're quite proud of it. 

Please check out our private listings - Condos, Homes, Townhouses, and Duplexes.  Read over our Renter's Corner.  Consider the countless internet listings you have read, the ads you've called on, and the owners you've been stood up by.  Then call us -- we can't wait to help you find your perfect rental home in St. Louis!

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NOTE:  If you are planning to move more than 90 days from today, please phone us at 314-821-4999 or 1-800-286-3092 for general information on renting in St. Louis, including the best time to use our services for maximum move-in availability in your time frame.

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